Debating the evil of Enron versus Bernie Madoff

201602-flickr-madoffToday I published a post on LinkedIn titled “Who’s more evil: the Enron folks or Bernie Madoff?”

I started thinking about this topic after my wife and I watched the Madoff miniseries on ABC. I was most surprised by how easy it seemed to build up a multi-billion dollar fraud, Madoff-style. I then compared Madoff’s fraud against my go-to reference…Enron.

The two frauds had similar outcomes. They robbed from thousands of people, leaving untold catastrophe in their respective wakes. Whole retirements lost. College tuition vanished in thin air. Plans, lifelong plans…all gone.

Still, the frauds were very different. I believe Madoff was easily the more evil of the two. There was no hope his story would end well. In the Enron case, at least they could hold on to a delusional hope that all would be okay. For Madoff, the best he could do was die before everyone found out.

For my whole argument, check out my LinkedIn post. Thanks.

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