Happy Thanksgiving!

201511-GobbleHappy Thanksgiving everyone!

I wanted to reach out, with a quick note about gratitude.

I’ve had highs and lows in my career. We all have. One of the tools that has helped me through some low points is gratitude.

No matter what your current situation is…parts of it are favorable. Maybe your current role is boring, but at least you can conserve your mental energy for things you care deeply about. Maybe your current role keeps you insanely busy, but at least you don’t have to stare at the clock, twiddling your thumbs.

Wherever you are in your career, it’s a stepping stone. It’s an inflection point. A career is simply a portfolio of inflection points.

Be grateful for what you’re learning today. Be grateful for the people around you. Be grateful for the inspiration you have, as a result of the position you find yourself in.

So much of life is dictated by mindset. It’s easy to be happy if you want to be. It’s also easy to be sad. It’s easy to be excited about the future. It’s also easy to dread going to work each day.

You decide all of that. Of course circumstances matter. You might not be in the most favorable situation right now. But are you optimistic you’ll dance your way into a more fulfilling endeavor? Or do you feel resigned and defeated?

Thanksgiving is built around gratitude. Even if you’re feeling at a low point, note two or three things for which you’re grateful. Your spirits will pick up. Your gaze will shift from what’s bringing you down today to the exciting possibilities of the future.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have an awesome day, with the people that matter most to you.

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