Know how marketing ties into your technical work

This site is dedicated to helping you make the transition from the technical role you have today, to your dream career on the business side. The easiest way to make that transition is to connect (a) where you want to be in the future to (b) where you are today.

Marketing is a great way to bridge your technical role to the broader business. Think of marketing as the avenue for your company to know what technical projects to pursue.

A market empirically exists for your products and services. That’s why you’re in business today. As a business, the better we understand that market, the better we serve that market. And we serve, in part, by developing new products and services that will meet the evolving needs of the market in question.

A market is made up of potential customers, who spend money on products and services like ours. What characteristics do these potential customers have in common? What would you guess those customers spend on products and services like ours? Marketing, as a business function, formalizes the answers to these kinds of questions.

You’re good at solving technical challenges. You can evolve your existing products and services in any number of technical directions. How do you know which direction is “best”? Marketing.

Your market has needs. It’s willing to pay someone to meet those needs. Marketing will tell you, of all the paths you could follow, which is most lucrative. That can help you prioritize technical projects.

You may feel disconnected from the broader business right now. But connections exist. Look for them. The marketing function is a great place to start.

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