Looking to transition from engineering to business?

Do you have a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) background? Do you want to get out of your current role, and into a “business” role?

Then you’re the reason I started this blog.

My name is Jeff. I have a PhD in mechanical engineering. I started my career in a product development role, and within three years, I transitioned to a role that sat at the intersection of sales, operations, and finance. I’ve been in these kinds of roles ever since.

Trust me, I get the appeal of getting out of research and development (R&D). It’s not that I disliked it, but I felt insulated and limited. I wanted to broaden my horizons a bit, and get closer to the front lines of the business. Maybe you’re in the same boat.

I’ll share my experiences here. I’ll recount the lessons I learned that helped me make my transition. I’ll suggest reading. I’ll answer questions.

I know the mixed feelings you might have. You have spent a lot of time pursuing a STEM career. And now you want to change.

Don’t worry. The transition isn’t as intimidating as it may appear. Your STEM background is a valuable asset. I’ll help you take advantage of it.

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